About Hacktivismo
Hacktivismo is an international group of hackers, human rights workers, lawyers and artists that evolved out of THE CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc), a publishing and computer security group. We believe that privacy and access to information are basic human rights. Hacktivismo assumes as an ethical point of departure the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights. We also support the Free Software and open-source movements.

Our Mission
To conduct and publish scientific research in the areas of information technology, communications and electronic media; and, to assist (where possible) non-governmental organizations, social justice groups and human rights entities in the use of advanced information technologies for the furtherance of their works. We also intend to have fun doing this. Turn it up. Way up.

Who We Are Not
One so-called Internet intelligence group [surely not those morons at iDefense? - Ed.] referred to us as "Black hat" hackers attempting to upgrade our public image. If we were Black hats we wouldn't need spin doctors, we'd need criminal attorneys. The cDc and Hacktivismo aren't to everyone's taste. But attempting to vilify us because we defy simple categories is judgmental at best, and irresponsible at worst.

Who We Never Will Be
What do you call a software company that does business with the world's largest sponsors of terrorism and human rights abuse? Profitable.

We created the Hacktivismo Declaration then we created the HESSLA in the spirit of these documents:

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Oxblood Ruffin Executive Director and Founder
The Mixter Lederhosen Enthusiast and Charter Member
The Pull QA Beast and Charter Member
MiB Spiritual Dissident
J. Salvatore Testa II Defender of Truth and Liberty
diskrez Shady Alley Cat
Arrakis George Foreman Grill Specialist

Hall of Fame
Bronc Buster Network Wrangler and Charter Member
Mr Happy A Friendly Force
Ca$h Money Platinum Webmaster
Peking Duck Firewall Fondler
Shaolin Punk A Red With Blue Hair
Pu$$y Galore Our Estro-general
Jules Jim's Special Friend

The Board of Advisors
A few brave souls have stepped up and offered to help us out with their counsel and connections. It just goes to show that when you focus on the goal rather than how different you are, you can get anything done. Thanks guys.
Check them out here.