Torpark is an anonymous Web-browser based on Firefox that uses the TOR (The Onion Router) network. It comes pre-configured, requires no installation, can run off a USB memory stick, and leaves no tracks behind in the browser or computer.
ScatterChat is a secure instant messaging client designed for non-technical users who require secure and anonymous communications. Our typical end-users include human rights and democracy advocates operating in hostile territory. ScatterChat is also a valuable tool for anyone requiring secure communications.
The Six/Four System is a flexible framework consisting of a formally specified Peer-To-Peer protocol. This protocol is best described as a trust-enhanced anonymous tunneling protocol, and meant to provide people with anonymous, secure access to public data.
Some German documentation, and our U.S. Department of Commerce export license.
Utilizing LSB steganographic techniques and AES-256 bit encryption, this application enables users to share censored information with their friends by hiding it in plain view as ordinary gif images. Camera/Shy is the only steganographic tool that automatically scans for and delivers decrypted content straight from the Web.

02.03.2006 - A Decay of Ideals
Sixty one percent of Americans believe that torture of terrorist suspects is at least justified on rare occasions, according to a poll by the Associated Press[1]. I find this quite shocking, as it is obvious that torture directly opposes many of the core values of the United States of America.....
03.08.2003 - From Crossbows to Cryptography
Before there were cattle prods, governments tortured their prisoners with clubs and rubber hoses. Before there were lasers for eavesdropping, governments used binoculars and lip-readers....
11.08.2002 - Cynical? Hell Yeah.
You know what makes me sick? It's always "them" and never "us". That's why our "best intentions" usually end up making things worse.....
08.30.2002 - I Ain't Marching Anymore
15 years old. I look at the other "young adults", if that is what you choose to call us, and realize that I am not like them. I've known this for quite a while....
06.26.2002 - Waging Peace on the Internet
There's an international book burning in progress; the surveillance cameras are rolling; and the water canons are drowning freedom of assembly. But it's not occurring anywhere that television can broadcast to the world. It's happening in cyberspace....
05.13.2002 - Confessions of a Hacktivist
The Chinese gonvernment censors the internet; they do not want their people to read certain things. They claim that if they let their people have an open internet, they will go spend all of their time downloading porn....

Press Releases
07.21.2006 - Hacktivismo Launches ScatterChat
CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc) subdivision releases user-friendly software to facilitate anonymous communication and secure file transfers.
11.25.2002 - License To Chill: Hackers Hamstring Rights Violators
International hacker organization issues software license that allows the group or its licensees to take human rights violators to court.
07.04.2002 - Camera/Shy Announcement
Advisory: The following program may prove destabilizing for dictators.